The Best Ad in the Universe

For the last year, I have been listening religiously to The Biggest Problem in the Universe – hosted by Maddox, and Dick Masterson. The premise of the podcast is that every week, they bring in two to four problems, and the audience votes on which is the biggest.

This type of discussion is right up my alley.  When I was awarded author of the month by Graham Hancock (in February 2013), one of my final parting questions for the discussion forum was “What do you think is the single biggest problem facing the world right now?” Answers ranged from moving away from the scientific method, to an unsustainable economy, to overpopulation and pollution.

So when I found an entire weekly podcast devoted to finding the answer to this question, I was hooked.

Recently, I decided to send a couple of copies of my book to the show&rquo;s hosts. But before reading on, some background information: When Maddox “loses” (no one really loses, but when he presents a problem that is minor relative to other problems) his punishment is that he has to watch a clip from the movie Titanic, which he hates. One other point: he loves barbecue sauce, and previously a listener named Butt Sanchez sent about five different types of gourmet barbecue sauce to the hosts in addition to other gifts. Unfortunately, the bottles exploded, ruining all of the other gifts in the process. So when I sent the books, I also included some barbecue sauce in an attempt to right previous wrongs.

I truly believe Doomsayers are the biggest problem in the universe (after all, Doomsayers Endanger Society), and wanted to bring that issue to the forefront. So read and listen on, and find out what happened once the package was received:

Maddox: I got—I got a package, from Justin Deering, I believe. It says—you mentioned barbecue sauce—it says, “Maddox, I offer you this barbecue sauce in tribute. It has been packaged in a superior manner than previous attempts by persons, or butts, unknown. I’m sending two copies of my book—”
Maddox: He’s a publisher—er, a published author.
Maddox: “One for you, and one for Dick. Please contact me if it would be feasible for me to discuss with you—with both of you guys, what I consider to be the biggest problem in the universe: Doomsayers. Or should that read, end of the world dipshits?”
Dick Masterson: Oh, yeah.
Maddox: “I defer to you on the correct phrasing of that. And I can be reached at blah blah blah, and he gave me his email.”
Dick Masterson: That sounds like a private message.
Maddox: Then he said here, “If the barbecue sauce does leak, I guess it’s not the end of the world.” And he sent us this package, guys, I’m pulling out here a Ziploc bag of McDonald’s tangy barbecue sauce.
Dick Masterson: Yeah, it’s leaking.
Maddox: It has leaked.
Dick Masterson: It is leaking, so you fucked that up.
Maddox: Yeah, you fucked that up.
Dick Masterson: You should have prepped for that Doomsday a little better.
Maddox: Although, I will say this—it is better packaged than Butt Sanchez’s package, because none of the barbecue sauce has left the Ziploc bag, thankfully.
Dick Masterson: Well, what else is in there?
Maddox: And he sent us two copies of his book, one for me and one for Dick. And here are the books. The book is called—The End of the World Delusion, and it has a big asteroid on it.
Dick Masterson: 2012.
Maddox: With 2012 on it.
Dick Masterson: Did I miss the boat on this 2012 thing?
Maddox: Maybe. It says here, the subtitle is, How Doomsayers Endanger Society, by Justin Deering. Justin, it sounds like you have a horse in this race, by bringing in doomsayers…
Dick Masterson: So wait a minute, wait a minute. He just got an ad on this show for the cost of four McDonald’s tangy barbecue sauce packets?
Maddox: Sounds like it.
Dick Masterson: Did you just get duped into an ad?
Maddox: No, he sent us his book!
Sean, the Audio Engineer: He’s a fuckin’ genius.
Dick Masterson: Yeah, he’s a genius! He sent us his self-published book on the 2012 end of the world delusion?
Maddox: No, Dick, this isn’t… I don’t think this is self-published, is it? It’s by iUniverse.com press.
Dick Masterson: Uh-oh.
All: [laughter]
Dick Masterson: Speaking of fan art, I got some awesome fan art I got to show you.
Sean, the Audio Engineer: Wait wait wait, you guys know there’s messages written to you on there?
Maddox: Oh yeah!
Dick Masterson: Oh, really?
Maddox: He signed this. Mine says, “To Maddox, the least worst problem in the universe. Congratulations on your latest book. Wishing you a long and healthy career as you make people happy by making other people miserable.” Thank you, Justin.
Dick Masterson: “To Dick, Maddox’s right hand man. I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere.” Yeah, it’s me. “One year—that’s a titanic achievement. Congratulations on the 52nd anniversary. I hope you have as much fun tormenting Maddox as we do listening.” I do.
Maddox: Good pun. Thanks!

So, my thanks goes out to Dick and Maddox for plugging the book, and pretending they were tricked into doing so.

It’s not only hosts of podcasts who should get free books. If you would like your own chance to get a free copy, I have partnered with GoodReads to give away ten free copies.

Again, you can head over to GoodReads for your chance to pick a copy at no charge. We are giving away ten of them. The deadline is August 4.

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