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The Best Ad in the Universe


For the last year, I have been listening religiously to The Biggest Problem in the Universe – hosted by Maddox, and Dick Masterson. The premise of the podcast is that every week, they bring in two to four problems, and the audience votes on which is the biggest. This type of discussion is right up …

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New Year, No Fear


Many New Years’ Resolutions are quickly broken, but a good one to stick with would be to give up living in fear. So says Dr. Phil in yesterday’s episode.1 Every year, we make resolutions. We make resolutions, but we never keep them, right? Come on, be honest. We make them about losing weight, exercising, getting …

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Literally Sick of Fearmongering


“In every life we have some trouble When you worry you make it double” –Bobby McFerrin, “Don’t Worry, By Happy” There is always something to be afraid of, if the headlines are anything to go by. One of the most recent scares is the ebola virus. In what has been termed “The Ebola Effect”, schools …

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Top 5 End of the World Simpsons Episodes

The Simpsons is making all kinds of headlines as of late, with every episode ever being aired back-to-back on the FXX network. To announce this marathon, they’ve aired this commercial, with a post-apocalyptic theme—illustrating, of course, that with everyone busy watching The Simpsons, no one would get any actual work done, and societal collapse is …

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All About the Supermoon


If you’re looking at the moon any time today and tomorrow, you will notice a 30% size increase. This is one of those times that the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie. Check out this 5-minute clip from this morning’s South Florida’s First News with guest Susan Barnett talking to hosts Jimmy …

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Number of the OCD Beast

Here are some interesting facts about the sign of the beast: 666 in Roman numerals is DCLXVI (which happens to be the first six characters of the Roman numerical system, reversed). There is some debate over whether the “correct” number of the beast is 666 or actually 616. [1][2][3] Numbers were used as disguises to …

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What Planet are They From?

Two Earths

[image by Eduardo Barreto, for the cover of DC Comics Presents #87] In The End-of-the-World Delusion: How Doomsayers Endanger Society, I cover one of the doomsayers’ favorite such prophecies: that a mysterious planet like Planet X (Nibiru) will crash into the earth. This theory was first proposed by Nancy Lieder in 1995, who claimed that …

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Government Shutdown Not the End of the World

In case you’ve been living under a rock the last two weeks, you’re well aware of the shutdown of the federal government in the U.S., which is currently in its 11th day. [image courtesy of FixTheDebt.org] Not surprisingly, some people are in a panic about this. As one famous radio commentator explained,1 To a lot …

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Which is the Correct Term: “Denial” or “Skeptic”?

Doomsayers assert not only that they have stumbled upon the truth—that the world’s end is going to occur soon—but also that anyone who doesn’t share their beliefs is merely in “denial”. The doomsayers have the truth, and everyone else is simply denying that truth. Let’s take a look at some of the doomsday theories and …

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Saying “I Told You So”

In case you were unaware, or haven’t seen any of the Mayan calendar countdown apps or websites, there’s not much time left. In only a couple of days, the madness will be over and we can get back on with our lives. It will turn out that the message in my book, The End-of-the-World Delusion: …

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